Farmdating is a datingcommunity meant for people who are looking for a serious relation or friendship. Whether you are Farmer, work in the Farm Business, you live on the country side or you like to get to know the country life. Everybody is more than welcome on Farmdating. We do our extreme best to make sure your stay at Farmdating will be as pleasantly as possible.


Profile check

Farmdating will screen every new member and profile. Farmdating will modify, delete or reject profiles that are incorrect, vulgar or not conforming our terms of use.


Account integrity

Farmdating never create false member profiles in order to increase our member database.


Protect personal information

Farmdating will never give any of your personal information (for example: your e-mail address) to any other member or third parties. None of your personal data is displayed on Farmdating.


Commercial offer

The use of and access to Farmdating is 100% free. You won't find any paying services on Farmdating, so we not steer users into unknowingly accessing any paying services. If there will be any paying services in the future these will be clearly indicated with the appropriate fees.



Farmdating will not advertise directly with online or offline media which do not correspond to our site's image and principles.



We do our extreme best to avoid unwanted contact with other members. Members can report any kind of behavior problems. When a behavior problem is reported, Farmdating will verify the validity of the problem and will permanently exclude the misbehaving member.


Member Service

If you have any questions or comments about Farmdating and our services you can contact our Member Service. We do our extreme best to replay you within 24 hours.